Friday, May 1, 2015

Better Late Than Never!

 'I, Erika of Trial and Erika, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '15. I endeavour to wear a handmade garment at least 4 times a week for the duration of May 2015'

I've been having less enthusiasm about my handmades recently, and I think mostly I just don't feel like ironing, but I'm also a little burnt out. I took 7 credit hours this semester on top of working full time and part time and it's sucking my will to live. Lucky me, though! My last final is Tuesday and then I'm done with classes for a while. Maybe forever? Who knows.

So, I'm going to participate in Me Made May, hopefully sew up a pair of jeans or 3 (because I just binge bought like, 15 yards of various denim), and possibly play the Sew Sorry, Sew Fat Me Made Made Drinking Game on Friday nights when I don't have to work on Saturday mornings. I'll post daily on Instagram and will possibly do weekly round ups on the blog, but who knows. 

I might even try to blog about some stuff. I've been sewing a lot but not taking any pictures. Per usual!

Happy May!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Confessions of an Impulsive Seamstress: A Semi-Successful Skaterfrew

I impulse sew a lot of things. Some of them are successful, some of them are wadders, and a lot of them are meh. So I decided to start this series to document the things I make for basically no good reason and their successes/failures.

Maybe I should start acting like other sewers and carry a sketch book around with me so I can document my ideas. However, 1) I am not a good artist and 2) Ha yeah right! So when an idea strikes, it consumes me entirely until I can make it and get it out of my system. Just recently I became obsessed with making a giant red plaid cocoon cardigan and I refuse to shut up about how awesome it's going to be (sorry, sewmies) until I can source the perfect red plaid knit and make it. On Saturday, I had another one of these moments. Immediately after finishing a wrap dress I've been working on for a week, I suddenly was obsessed with making a hunter green Lady Skater to wear with dark brown tights and boots. I was literally trying to nap on my couch when suddenly it hit me and I had to get up and start scouring Pinterest for inspo.

I bought this dark green French Terry from Girl Charlee a few months ago, intending to make a Linden sweatshirt from it. But then I realized I already had two Lindens from the same fabric in two different colorways and decided that was overkill and I needed to reevaluate my priorities (As an aside, I know Girl Charlee has been getting a lot of shit recently about the quality of their fabrics. I can 100% say that this fabric is wonderful and soft and durable and well worth $8/yard). So it sat in my stash. Green is my favorite color, by the way, so having a neglected piece of green fabric staring at me from the top of my knit stash was torture. I had two yards which was perfect to cut out a lady skater with some to spare.

Lazy sewing move #1: Last time I made the Lady Skater I traced off a size 5, even though my measurements are obviously a 6 (vanity is a cruel mistress) and my first version was way too tight. Instead of printing off another copy and cutting the right size, I decided (like an idiot) to just leave an extra 1/2" between the pattern piece and the fold to make up the difference. This was stupid because it made the neckline weirdly wide, and after finishing the damn dress I realized the reason the first dress was too small had way more to do with lack of stretch than my vanity sizing. I ended up having to take in each side about 1/2" at the waist (go figure).
Clyde isn't out of focus, he's just a blurry dog.
Other than that the dress was fine, I love the color, the fabric is so soft and warm, and the sleeves fit fine. But I just hated the neckline and was kicking myself for being a lazy idiot. Flash forward to Sunday morning. I'm stuck in bed (because of the blizzard, obviously) and keep staring at the dress on my form. I have a Really Good Idea to add the Renfrew cowl to the dress to make it exponentially more cozy.

Lazy Sewing Move #2: I didn't actually walk the seams and just laid the Lady Skater bodice pattern pieces over the Renfrew pieces and guessed which size cowl to cut. Warning: The neckline on the Lady Skater is much bigger than that on the Renfrew. Public Service Announcement: If you want to make a Skaterfrew, use the Renfrew for the bodice and blend it to match the Lady Skater at the waist! You also need a shitload of fabric for that cowl, so I had to get a little bit creative.
Ha, nope, ain't nobody got time for that.

Lazy Sewing move #3: After ripping out approximately 3 of the neckline stitches and realizing how much work it would be to rip out the whole thing, I decided just to pin the cowl piece to the existing neckline and hope that the seam allowance and serger would take care of the rest. Wrong. But I also didn't want to cut the neckband off and make the neck even wider than it already was, so at least I was being sort of logical and not 100% lazy?
Stretching the everloving shit out of the cowl while sewing.
So this is where me not actually measuring the cowl bit me in the ass. It was quite a bit smaller than my neckline opening. Whatevs, I thought, I'll just stretch it like a neck band and it'll be totally fine! Nope, it just caused puckers. Which, by the way, are totally visible because the neckline is so much wider in my version that it would be had I used the Renfrew pattern that the cowl doesn't cover it completely.
Puckering and really awful topstitching. I also had to add a seam to the under cowl because I ran out of fabric.
At this point, I gave about zero fucks about how it looked and did a really shoddy job topstitching the seam allowance down around the cowl. The old neckband also wasn't completely removed by serging so there are some thick spots in there.
But with the cowl down it really isn't that noticeable. Somebody suggested that I tack the cowl down in a few places to cover the neckline and maybe someday when I feel like hand stitching anything I'll do that. The puckers are still there, but I will press them into submission. All in all, it is a really cozy dress and even with all the crap I messed up I'm happier with the cowl than I was with the original neckband. So, we'll chalk this one up as a win?

Okay, off to buy fabric now that my January fabric diet is over. Gorgeous Fabrics, I'm coming for you and that silk covered in elephants!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

I finally finished that shirt!

I'm shocked. I finished two of the items on this list and have another one cut out. That never happens! I usually get distracted by other shinier things and completely disregard all plans. I guess I'm kind of cheating because my Deer and Doe Bruyére shirt was half way done when I posted about it, but I'm not going to let tiny details like that derail my enthusiasm! 

I have two makes to show you today! Hopefully you don't mind the picture-heavy post, and also pictures of my butt. But I promise to end on a happy, non-butt related note!

So, details. I found this lavender plaid flannel at JoAnn and knew it needed to be a button down. The Bruyére pattern had just released and it was like a lightbulb moment. Who doesn't need a tunic-length flannel button down in the fall? You can kind of see in this picture my one major issue with this shirt: the button band. Due to the way the band is constructed there are 3 layers of flannel in each button band! It's incredibly thick (and hard to push buttons through, to be honest) and refuses to lay flat! It's most obvious around the curves above and below my bust and it drives me nuts! Not enough to stop me from wearing it, but I almost want to add another button between all of my buttons to minimize the gaping. Almost.

I had originally planned on taking pictures outside this morning, but when I woke up it was raining (after we had snow for two days last weekend, wtf South Dakota?) and that put the kibosh on that. So I had to remove the pile of UFOs that usually sit in this corner of my sewing space. That's dedication, I tell ya. But really, that's all the cleaning up I could be bothered to do so most of my sewing space had to be cropped out of these photos!

As with all the Deer and Doe patterns I've tried so far, this one pretty much fit right out of the envelope. I didn't have to alter any of the darts which is a big plus! Since I didn't make a muslin, it's obviously not perfect. I would definitely add about 1/2" to the sleeves next time as they're bordering on too short for me. Also, I think I need to lower the waistband about 1" to fit my natural waist. I would also maybe shorten the length an inch or two next time. I am not 100% convinced that the proportions right now are the most flattering on me.

I'm really happy with the stripe matching, though my waistband is a little wonky at the side seams. Note to everyone considering making this in plaid flannel: bias cut plaid will stretch out like crazy when you think about touching it. So plan accordingly! Anyways, I definitely plan on making another one of these tops in chambray for the spring. Overall, I would definitely recommend this pattern (especially if you are X-shaped).

The second half of this outfit are black ponte Ooh La Leggings by Papercut. Can we just talk about how freaking much I love ponte? Normally I'm a "no polyester near anywhere that sweats" kind of lady because, well, smells. But ponte is the one fabric I will make an exception for. It is the best fabric for leggings if you have lumps and bumps and dimples in your legs that you are self conscious about like I am. Also, it's the only knit fabric I will let come anywhere near my hips. I have strangely shaped hips (see pictures) and thin knits are just... not an okay thing. Prepare for borderline embarrassing pictures of me in skin tight clothing!

I love these leggings, even if I'm not thrilled by pictures of me wearing basically only them. The waist is definitely high enough for me. It's supposed to be even a little higher than in these photos, but I sewed my waistband elastic on like an idiot and had to fold it over one extra time. So if you're looking for high-waisted leggings, look here! They are also incredibly long, which is a major plus for me. I'm 5'10" and didn't add any length! I graded from a M to a L on the yoke and cut large for all the bottom pieces. 

If I were really ambitious I might alter the side yokes so that they follow the actual curve of my hips but that would be a lot of work. Also, this is a good picture for illustrating why I have such trouble finding RTW jeans/bottoms. I have a massive "hip dip." I promise the underwear that I'm wearing is not so tight that it's giving me a muffin-top-to-end-all-muffin-tops. It's just how my iliac crests are shaped, okay? It's definitely something I've been very self-conscious about my whole life, but I'm coming to accept my weird anatomy. Especially after taking anatomy this summer and learning how incredibly different everyone is structured.

A pair of jeans is high on my to-do list. I want a pair that doesn't have a million inches of negative ease but still fits my top and bottom curve. My hips deserve to breathe, but I don't want the dip area to be drowing in excess denim. I fully expect to have to make several muslins, but in the end it will be worth it!

I do really like the seaming on these, except for at my butt. I don't think it's flattering to have a seam that comes right across my lower butt and it's kind of weird to sit on. But in all other areas I think the seam lines keep the leggings from being too boring. Despite looking complicated, they actually come together very quickly on a serger. Maybe 1.5 hours from cutting to finish? I did end up sewing the tucks on the front and back legs, but I don't think I would do this again. It's just not really my cup of tea and I've already ripped the stitching pulling the leggings on.

I'll leave you with a picture of Clyde so my butt isn't the last thing you remember from this post. It was very rainy and gross outside when we woke up this morning, and he just wanted to cuddle under the covers with me. He's really into my new flannel sheets! Isn't he the cutest?

Friday, October 10, 2014

Hey, I'm planning ahead kind of

To say my sewing mojo has been lacking the last month is a colossal understatement. It's partially due to the fact that between my full time job, part time job, dog classes and a human class I haven't had a weekend off in over a month (and won't have one off until November), but also because I've been really into knitting lately. I'm a very, very new knitter so I am agonizingly slow. I did just get sucked into a YouTube hole looking at videos on how to knit English style faster, so hopefully I'll speed up soon and finish the sweaters I'm planning this century.

I sewed the majority of the Bruyere shirt by Deer and Doe a few weeks ago before my motivation fizzled out. It's still sitting on my dress form like this waiting for sleeves, cuffs, and buttons though. I'm 100% in love with it so far and really need to finish it because it's totally flannel season right now. I cut a the waistband on the bias because duh, but forgot how awfully stretchy flannel is on the bias. I had to do a bit of altering to get things to line up properly, but overall I'm happy with the plaid matching.
My dress form is where garments go to die, apparently

Even though I haven't been turning out jack shit in terms of garments, I have ideas, you guys. First up, I want to make a version of this jacket I had back when I was in high school. Please excuse the glamour shot, this was one of my senior pictures and the only picture I have! I am only 17 in this picture and that makes me feel OLD. Anyways, I wore it until it fell apart. Or until my arms got too fat and I hulked out of it. Whatever, potato potato.

"I'm not like a regular mom, I'm a cool mom!"
When I saw the blue bomber jacket that Miss Make whipped up, it totally brought back memories of this jacket. I'm not even ashamed to admit that I immediately went out and found the same Robert Kaufman moleskin and even managed to find a copy of the out-of-print Kwik Sew 3491. I've got some navy ribbing (even though I just now noticed that the trimmings on that jacket are gray), and I'm planning on lining the jacket with this Cotton + Steel print. Obviously I have been planning this one in my head for a while and have lots of feels about it!

I've also got a pair of black ponte leggings on the list to wear with the Bruyere top (when I finish it). I'm either going to go with Ooh La Leggings by Papercut or the Cake Espresso Leggings. I have both and I definitely want something with a very high waist. I've never been a huge fan of leggings because I'm so high-waisted. In order to avoid muffin top with RTW leggings I have to sport a camel toe. There is no lesser of those two evils, FYI.

For the knits I'm currently working on an Oatmeal Pullover in Malabrigo Mecha Solis. It's my first sweater, and my first knit that isn't a hat. Kind of like with sewing, I started out making a shit load of hats and only now realized that I really don't wear hats ever. So even though I'm still a total n00b, bring on the sweaters. I'm about half way through knitting the body right now. I had to frog it after the raglan increases once because I'm a genius and didn't make a gauge swatch the right way and my gauge was waaaay off. Even with the largest needles in my set I'm still at about 13 stitches in 4 inches instead of the 11 called for. I'm knitting the pattern a size up, but hopefully it all works out. If not, lesson learned!


The next sweater I have planned is a Worsted Boxy in Malabrigo Rios purpuras. I promise I don't have a weird thing for Malabrigo yarns. I just happened to accidentally think that I was picking up worsted weight yarn when really I was picking up chunky. I know, I know it's pretty obvious, but I was intimidated by my first trip to the local yarn store and didn't want to ask. And also that color is gorgeous so I'm not even mad, bro. Anyways, I'm carrying a bit of extra weight right now due to cookie dough and other things, so loose boxy sweaters like this are the only thing I want to wear right now. It's really taking all my self control not to cast-on this one right now. Again another suuuuuuper beginner pattern because that's what I am, but I am pretty excited to make it. Office appropriate pajamas, anyone?

I also bought yarn for a Robin pullover, but omg sport weight is so tiny! I had no idea. Are you sensing a pattern? I only have ever bought yarn from JoAnn before, and the only time I have ever ventured away from worsted weight yarn it's been for super chunky yarn to arm knit. So while I have cast that sweater on, it is at the bottom of my list and will probably sit there for a while. I'm using Shine Sport, which is a cotton/modal blend so it will be perfect for spring anyways. It might be spring 2017 before I finish it, but whatever!

Now that I list it out it doesn't seem like that much, but with all the crap I've got going on for the next few months, it's about all I can handle! What are you guys planning?

Monday, August 25, 2014


Sometimes your mom (aka photographer) goes out of town every weekend for the entire summer and you have nobody to help you take pictures for your blog. And also, sometimes I don't feel like hemming a skirt that has a 12 foot wide hem so it sits on my dress form for 3 months before I can talk myself into hemming it. This is the result.

This is probably the most ridiculous garment I own and I love it to pieces. I still have yet to leave the house in it, though. Partly because I am a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl, but also because I feel like this skirt needs a special occasion. I don't just want to wear it to the bar and then come home having it smell like ass, you know?

I won this floral rayon in a giveaway from Stephanie over at Makes the Things which was pretty freaking awesome (thanks again)! I'm a sucker for rayon, obsessed with obnoxious prints, and look at all those colors! Sally over at The Quirky Peach made a dress out of this fabric and it's just so summery and wonderful.  The fabric arrived right around the time that Sewaholic released the Gabriola maxi skirt and I just knew it would be perfect. 

The night my pattern arrived I traced, cut, and sewed the entire freaking thing. I believe I added about 4 inches to the hem (I'm 5'10") during tracing just for safety. I probably could have done with half of that, as I ended up hacking off a lot during the hemming process.

I'm not a super huge fan of the flat waistband. My curves need curves! But that would be the only thing I change next time. I am also blessed with incredibly strange hips, so the yoke doesn't skim my curves like it was designed to. I have what you'd call violin hips (hip dips, inverted hips), so it looks like I have a perma-muffin top. I swear, my underwear isn't so tight it's causing me muffin top all the time. Damn you, genetics! So I'm kind of glad that the busy print hides my weird shape, even if the yoke is kind of disguised. My love for wild prints > my love for pattern detailing.

 I ended up having a matching baby blue zipper in my stash, which I still cannot explain. I have nothing in my stash that's worth while, so this was like a super awesome way to avoid a trip to Joann on a Saturday evening when I was in the zone. You can't see it in the picture, but I used a huge lime green button on the back of the waistband, because what the hell else am I going to do with a bunch of giant green buttons?

So yeah, overall this is definitely my favorite make of the year, even if it just sits in my closet looking pretty. I need to get out and wear it before summer is officially over! On another note, I ombre dyed my tips and now my hair looks like fire. So that's a thing that I also love.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Long overdue Meissas

I made these Papercut Meissa blouses waaaay back before Easter and took pictures of them a few weeks later. And then they just sat in my blog folder, neglected as I frantically prepared for Me Made May. So, considering the fact that I haven't made anything of note besides a turd of a Darling Ranges dress (such a bummer) because all I do is study for anatomy, these will work perfectly!

The first version I made is chambray, and those of you who followed me during MMMay know I wear the shit out of this one. The fabric is so comfortable, and I love the little feminine yoke details.

Those double buttons are super great too, I get tons of compliments on them! I'm really really happy with the fit of this shirt. I think the pattern has a little shaping at the waist, but if I remember correctly I made it more dramatic. My waist tends to drown in almost everything unless I add some curves. While I do love the loose, bohemian style, dressing in a flat sack is not my cup of tea.

The fun yokes gave my edgestitch foot its first real run, just look at that sparkling topstitching! I believe this was the first or second shirt I made after I purchased (and got over my fear of using) my Bernina.  The Peter Pan collar is really nice as well, but I can say with 100% confidence that I will never wear the shirt buttoned all the way up like the pattern model.

 My biggest gripe with this shirt are the plackets. Or lack thereof. Instead of a vertical placket they have you do a horizontal one (I think that's what it's called). The instructions didn't really help me a lot, and it's pretty fiddly. Basically the cuffs are an inch too short, and you turn under the gap twice and topstitch. Or in my case you try, fail, and say f it and let it fray because the cuffs cut off the circulation in your arms anyways. These sleeves are very slim cut. As in, I can't push my sleeves half way up my forearm even with the buttons undone.

I made my second version out of a quilting cotton... and while I don't hate it, I don't reach for it like my chambray version. I did make the cuffs longer and make a vertical placket, but I didn't widen the sleeve so it's still pretty tight. I can almost get the cuffs pushed up to my elbows, but not quite! 

I wish I would have cut the yokes on the bias or cross grain or something, but I was just barely able to squeak this out of the 2 yards I ordered. The inner cuffs are cut on the selvedge, and you can totally see the part that says "Blah blah blah made for Art Gallery Fabrics" when I turn the cuffs out! Whoops. I had a ton of the chambray left after making the shirt, but 45" < 58" and I should have known better.

This version is definitely a little looser, which is probably why I don't wear it as much. I think the print is also a little boring for me. There's too much white, which means it shows dirt much too easy to be worn at work. Or at the farm, for that matter!

I'm trying to make up my mind if a popover version of this would be cute. I can't decide if it would be too much with the front yokes and the peter pan collar. What do you guys think? I have some really nice purple chambray that is just screaming at me to become a button down!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

How many Liebsters is too many Liebsters?

A couple of weeks ago Amy nominated me for a Liebster award and then today I got word from Elaine that she nominated me too! You guys, thanks and also your blog names are scary similar. What Miss Amy Did Next and What Diana Did Next? I'd be lying if I said I wasn't hella confused when I was trying to find you both on Bloglovin' after following your Instagrams. I hope you two follow each other!!

Anyways, so for those of you who don't know the Liebster is a way to help small blogs with under 200 followers find a bigger audience and wonderful new followers. Is it basically a chain letter and can I honestly say I skipped all the Liebster posts on my blog feed until I was nominated? Yes. So I totally understand if I go from 12 followers to 0 because of posting this or that you're not reading this at all. Since my life has been sucked into the black hole that is my Anatomy class, I haven't had time to make anything blog-worthy or take pictures of all the other stuff I've made so this will have to do!

Here are Amy's questions:

1. What’s your earliest sewing memory?
I think my first hands-on experience with sewing was this drawstring bag we made in my 6th grade home ec class. I used that bag to carry my gym clothes all throughout middle school. We were only allowed to sew on "turtle" speed and had to sew pieces of paper for like weeks before we were even allowed to pick out fabric.

2. Where do you get your sewing inspiration from?
Other sewing blogs and sewing Instagram accounts. I'm getting better about it, but I am generally not great at looking at a line drawing and imagining a finished garment. So I look to my fellow sewists for inspriation. I can honestly say that I thought the Wiksten Tova was absolutely hideous before I saw all the gorgeous version cropping up during MMMay. Now I have one waiting for its hem :)

3. What do you watch/listen to while you sew?
Audiobooks are my jam. My dog listens to books while I'm a work all day and we listen to them almost all night. Every once in a while I'll put on some Netflix, but definitely not anything that I've never read/heard/watched before because I miss important things while I'm pressing or sewing a long side seam. 

4. Do you snack and sew?
I usually try to take my snack breaks in the kitchen, but yes there are a few Milky Way wrappers hidden in my scrap catcher.

5. What’s the latest you've stayed up just to finish a sewing project (or what other crazy sewing deadline have you had)? Just one more hem….
Probably 1:30 am. I'm starting to be able to recognize the symptoms of "YOU'RE TIRED AND GOING TO SEW THAT ON BACKWARDS YOU IDIOT" so midnight is usually the latest I'll be at my sewing table. 

6. An important one: cat or dog? (Or, if you are feeling rebellious: tortoise, or snail, or moose…)
Mostly dogs but also cats! I'm allergic to both, but I love my dog Clyde and my parents have about a million farm cats and I love them all! I can't meet a dog without getting some sloppy kisses, and I can't meet a cat without wanting to stick my face in its face.
That's my boy Clyde

Farm cats!!!

7. What’s the make you’re most proud of?
I think my dot chambray popover Archer. It's one of my most successful collars to date, and I managed to make the popover modification successfully! It's also the shirt I get the most complements on.

8. Sewing for others – yes or no?
I tend to over commit myself here. I love to make things for people, but I hate things that cut into my sewing time for me. So yes, but not often.

9. Pattern first, or fabric?
FABRIC! If I see a great colorful geometric print, I have to have it. If all else fails and I can't think of anything to make, I'll just whip up another Archer. Problem solved.

10. How do you get yourself out of a sewing rut?
I sew an old faithful. I've usually sewn it enough times that I don't have to think about it, and that practice lends itself to a well-executed garment which usually gets my mojo flowing again.

11. If you could sew one thing, where money, skill and time were not limited, what would it be?
Homegirl wants to sew with some cashmere. Silk cashmere? More practically, my couch needs a slipcover (now taking volunteers). 

Ok, now if you're still with me after that..... here are Elaine's questions:

1. Why do you sew/make stuff
It started out because I'm tall and I have a huge  ass and I was tired of buying clothes that fit one part of my body but were too big/small elsewhere. Now I just love to pick out my own patterns and my own prints and turn them into clothes that I love.

2. Do you have a favourite pattern -- and what is it?
Does the entire Grainline Studios shop count? Seriously it's probably the Archer though. I have at least 6 of them, and I could have an entire closet full of them and be happy! Plus the pattern is drafted really well and Jen's sewalong is just so great.

3. Whose wardrobe would you love to raid? 
The fictional character Beca from Pitch Perfect. She's just edgy enough while still being slightly feminine. She also has a lot of great jackets which reminds me that I need to make a Minoru.

4. What do you like to listen to/watch while you're making stuff?
See question 3 above :)

5. What's your favorite thing about blogging?
The comments! It makes my whole day when my blog e-mail account dings at me! It makes me feel like the popular girl in school and it satisfies my inner social butterfly. 

If you're still with me, nice work. That is a lot of text. NOW IT'S MY TURN!

I nominate:

Erin of The Sewing and Life Adventures of Emerald Erin. Have you seen the bras she is churning out? They're amazing and bright and so well made. She's got a great eye for color and I love reading her posts!

Cheryl of Orange is a Neutral. Cheryl ORANGE IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE COLORS and that romper was totally epic and I want one. Every time I see one of her posts I'm like "Yep I need that!"

Zoë of Fozzel & Bean takes gorgeous photos (even when she's not trying I swear) of her gorgeous handmades, and does this series called Etsy Eyecandy which has accounted for quite a few of my most recent Etsy purchases. Her style is so great and close to my own aesthetic and she has her own Etsy shop!

C from Oh, She Dabbles. I pretty much religiously stalk her Instagram and want to steal everything in her closet. I'm pretty sure you were just nominated for one but you haven't posted yet so there! 

So that's my list and it's not 5 people long and I didn't extensively make sure you haven't already posted a Liebster. I also was just going by your Bloglovin' followers so yeah. Answer my questions, guys!

1. What is your favorite garment so far?
2. Favorite textile to work with?
3. Why did you start sewing?
4. Are you a planner or do you wing it?
5. If your sewing machine was an animal, what type of animal would it be?

So here's the part that I dread where I have to go tell everyone that I nominated them. It's like walking up to a bunch of really good looking people at a party and starting a conversation out of nowhere! It gives me heart burn. Also I totally won't take it personally if you're not into this kind of thing!

Thanks again for nominating me Amy and Elaine!