Thursday, June 5, 2014

Just when you thought everybody had stopped talking about it... Me Made May the end!

So at this point, if you're like me, whenever you see a post in your feed about Me Made May you're just like "YEAH I GET IT" and do a quick scroll through to ogle the pictures but don't read any text. I don't blame you if you do that to me, because omg I'm so MMMay'ed out. 

Yes, May was over like 6 days ago... but holy crap. I'm taking Anatomy this summer, and between cramming information into my brain and trying to catch up on sleep from staying up too late, I've been exhausted. Blogging and sewing have been pretty low on my priority list, only slightly below eating and showering. I haven't touched my sewing machine since Sunday and it's killing me. Especially since the tiny pocket tank I made turned out really bad. I stretched the neckline out so bad that it's pretty much not even wearable. Ugh.

Ok so without further ado, I present five more selfies in various bathrooms.

Day 27: This day tripper again, with awesome matching shoes! Do people judge me when I match my shoes to my outfit like this? Is it a fashion faux pas? Do I care? Not really.

Day 28: Hey something new! I had to whip up this Datura real quick because the AC in our office decided to break and the forecast for the day was 85. I needed something that let my armpits breathe a little. I do wish I had lengthened the pattern a lot more though.

Day 29: Yeah, this again. 

Day 30: I washed this and the linen isn't so awful and scratchy anymore. Maybe I forgot to put a dryer sheet in during the pre-wash? It's highly probable.

Day 31!!!! My tank dress again. Drank some margaritas and realllllly appreciated the shirring after I dominated an entire plate of enchiladas/rice and chips/queso. I'm all about that elastic waist after binge eating to celebrate the end of Me Made May.

I only had one day where I didn't wear a me made, which was above and beyond my pledge of 5 garments a week. Yay for low-balling my goals so I could totally knock them out of the park!

So what did I learn?

  1. Bottoms. I need bottoms. I just cut out a pair of maritime shorts and another moss skirt. Neither of which I can wear to work, but whatever.
  2. Stop only making things in obnoxious prints. I maybe, maybe need some neutral tops. Or maybe I should make more neutral bottoms so I can keep wearing obnoxious prints! I like that plan better.
  3. Remove your clothes from the dryer immediately and lay flat so you're not late to work every morning in May because everything is in a wrinkled pile of sadness in the dryer


  1. Erika, I have nominated your fine self for the Liebster award. I hope this is cool with you. If you wish please check out the questions here:

  2. Eeep thank you, it's much appreciated! You're the second person to nominate me in the last month.... I gotta get on that ASAP! I will make my post soon, I promise!

  3. I just took two months to respond to mine, so I am in no position to judge :)