Monday, May 26, 2014

A lot of MMMay

So guess who got realllly lazy and only took bathroom pictures of her outfits? This girl. I also started taking a summer Anatomy class last week which means my brain is completely overloaded and I don't have time to do anything (even though I definitely shirk my duties and make time for sewing occaisonally). So, here is the last two-ish weeks of Me Made May.

Day 12: another Meissa blouse in a quilting cotton. I modified this one with Grainline sleeve plackets so that I could actually push the sleeves up... it kind of works but next time I just need to straight up make the sleeves wider.

Day 13: Cold and gross outside? Flannel Archer.

Day 13 part 2: Floral saltspring dress (blogged here). 

Day 14: The dress that started it all! My Dixie DIY ballet dress. I made this back in December when I first started sewing again. The neckline can attest to this.

Day 14: Popover Archer again. I seriously want to wear this shirt every day. 

Day 16: This bad boy is several years old and has the wonkiest neckline in my closet. I was going to keep it anyways, until I found a bandaid stuck to the armpit that had been baked there by the dryer. Ewwww, I need to launder my clothes like an adult.

Day 17: Double me-made! My Ikat popover Archer, and a camo Colette Negroni I made for my dad's 50th birthday! Kind of a pattern matching fail at the front, but you can't even see that pocket! Also yeah, he's 6'7" so that was a lot of camo fabric.

Day 18: only the coolest shirt I currently own. Comic book fabric Scout Tee!

Day 19: Pete and repeat were in a boat, Pete fell out, who was left? REPEAT. Chambray Meissa blouse. Again.

Day 20: Self-drafted python bro tank I made for my older brother. For my mom's animal print 50th birthday party!

Day 21: another repeat, but I still love this daytripper.

Day 22: Super itchy uncomfortable scout tee in scratchy awful linen blend.

Day 23: A much better linen situation. I only have a remnant of this comic book fabric, so I used some much much nicer black linen for the back.

Day 24: My snakeskin sprint Saltspring dress for my mom's birthday party. I wish I could say I took this photo at the party, but that shit was blackout city and I'm honestly glad that I'm alive.

Day 25: Too hungover, didn't want to puke on my nice me-mades.

Day 26: My first Colette Mabel! I initially made the long version with the kick pleat, realized I look awful in a knit pencil skirt, cut off the kick pleat and made it into a mini!

Ok, ready for the last few days. I'm so over taking selfies. 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Me Made May Week 2 Roundup!

I honestly can't believe week two is already over, and I'm kind of starting to freak out because I'm almost out of things to wear and I want to keep the repeats to a minimum if possible. Oh, and I need to make a men's button down shirt by Saturday, and I have commitments on Tuesday and Thursday night. I should procrastinate less.

Day 5: Tribal-ish Day Tripper top. My love for this pattern has no bounds. 

Day 6: Chambray Meissa blouse from Papercut Patterns. I can't get enough of this shirt. Although I do need to make the sleeves a little wider next time.

Day 7: Another popover Archer, in a fun ikat chambray print from Joann. Don't even ask me how stupidly overpriced this fabric was (OMG IT WAS SO EXPENSIVE).

Day 8: Feeling frumpy in my original Day Tripper. About two seconds before this picture Clyde jumped up on me and made that lovely stain on the bottom of the shirt. I think he hates this shirt for some reason? But I love it to bits.

Day 9: Grainline kind of day. The Moss mini that I made for Moss Making Month and never had time to blog, and my super fun colorful Archer that I love even though I could make it SO MUCH BETTER now.
This was also my first time ever wearing a mini skirt. And I wore it in public for like 7 hours selling crocheted things at a craft show! Woo for branching out during Me Made May!

Day 10: My newly made Tank Dress by Sew Caroline! I really really really love this fabric, and the pattern is great too! Next time I'll probably need to drop the armpits a teeny bit, but really that's all I would need to change. The shirring on the back is awesome, and would be awesomer if I could sew a straight line and if I had shirred it where my waist actually is. Live and learn. I still love the crap out of this dress. 

Day 11: Another Day Tripper, no way?! Just lounging around the house in suuuuper dirty pants, really need to shower, haven't brushed my hair (even though I worked for 5 hours this morning?) and this shirt is perfect for it.

Ok real talk I need some advice. For those of you who have the joy of thighs that rub together what do you do when you're wearing dresses/skirts to avoid chub rub and/or chafing? Because this ain't pretty, and it doesn't feel good. Curse you, thunder thighs!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Me Made May Week 1

I apologize in advance for the shitty mirror pics. I stole my mom's DSLR and tripod for the month and I bought a remote shutter release for the camera and everything. I was really planning on upping my selfie game, you guys. Then I got everything home and guess what was missing? The quick release plate for the tripod. Urgh! I ordered one from Amazon and it came today, so next week's will hopefully involve fewer bathroom selfies and fingerprints on my camera lens.

Day 1: Floral Day Tripper top (unblogged). It was gross outside so I was channeling Hawaii. I got so much shit for this at work. No matter how old lady-ish it is, I love it and hopefully have enough fabric left over for a wrap dress! Golden Girls 4 lyfe.

Day 2: My new favorite shirt, a popover Grainline Archer in Robert Kaufman dot chambray. Seriously, this fabric is heavenly and I need about 400 more yards so I can make my entire wardrobe out of it! I plan on blogging this one soon.

Day 3: Floral rayon Sewaholic Saltspring dress! A me-made dress to spend the day selling me-made crocheted items at a craft show!

Day 4: Flannel Archer. I figured it was about the last time I'd be able to wear flannel until November so I might as well!

I still have yet to miss a day, so that's good! My month has suddenly become outrageously busy. I have commitments every weekend along with working my second job, so hopefully I can manage to squeeze some sewing time in there. I don't want to repeat everything a million times!

I'm really jealous of all the beautiful hand-knits I've been seeing on Instagram (@eearens) and really really really want to learn how to knit sweaters. Knit jargon still kind of scares me, but I can knit, purl, increase, and decrease with a decent amount of confidence. I wish there were more non-fugly crochet patterns out there. Any recommendations for total beginners? Or some cute crochet sweater patterns?

How's everyone else's Me Made May going?